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Based out of Portland, alt rock/grunge musician, Michael Dole, lived somewhat of a nomadic childhood. His vast array of early life experiences laid the foundation for Dole's lyrical creativity which he vividly captures and illustrates in his somber lyrics and raw grunge rock. 

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Written, performed & produced by Michael Jack Dole. 



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Video Premiere - Intoxicated

Chicago underground grunge rock musician and one-man band, Michael J. Dole, who released his blistering Nirvana-influenced debut album, Crass, under the moniker of Empire of Gold, a couple of weeks ago, premieres the gritty, super charged, “Intoxicated,” via EoG’s splashy, surreal and artsy new music video.

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EP featured on irc! 

5 New DIY Debuts You’ve Gotta Hear, Vol. II –

The Irenes, Max Kala, Common Man, The Begowatts, Empire of Gold

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interview with eyeplug mag

01 How did you get started in music?

I got my first guitar as a present when I was 14 and took lessons at a local music store for a year. After a year I felt I wasn’t learning anything worth spending money on, so I stopped and just started playing by ear. I didn’t get serious about writing music until I was a freshman in college. I had moved from Chicago to California all by myself and I would play and write music when I felt depressed or lonely. That is when I really started accumulating a huge catalogue of songs – from summer of 2005 till 2014; when I started recording and taking music much more seriously.

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sleepingbagstudios reviews raw ep

Thank you Jer at Sleepingbagstudios for this amazing, honest and completely unexpected review! Goes to show that when you put everything you have out there and start chasing your dreams, you will be heard.

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independent spotlight 

Earlier this week on the Independent Spotlight, I highlighted an artist who's doing an incredible job pushing Garageband to the limits to create mind bending instrumentals. It would seem that this week brings us another artist boasting similar brevity: Empire of Gold, the moniker of Michael Dole. His first solo EP, 'Raw,' is a five track collection that 'defies modern production techniques and shows listeners a musician who has raw, unedited talent.' That's a tall order to fill. How does 'Raw' stack up?



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