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All Talk, No Action

Caught on this turntable

Watching as I spin around

As I spin around

Thoughts keep cycling through

Through my open mind

Full of emotion and ready to speak out loud

I’m so wanting for you to know

I’m such the devil tonight

Wanting to hear you cry

Wanting to hear you cry

Wanting to hear you cry

Your all talk, no action

You say these things like they matter

When you turn around

And do the opposite

You say so much

Having no pity, no mercy, no none of that

Just full of hatred for what you’ve done

What you’ve done to me

Words can’t explain

No, no, no

I should never show my love

I should always keep it locked

All these empty hearted thieves are using me for joy

And they’re knocking down my walls

And screaming out for more

Oh, what is it you want I’m all used up and lonely

But it just doesn’t stop

They always come and go

Use me as a stepping stone to grow and leave me on floor

Won’t somebody help me see

Oh, what is wrong with me

Keep me on the low too long and that is where I’ll build my home