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Burning Bridges

How many times have I ruined my name

Put my whole fucking life to shame

Everybody knows I’m stupid and I don’t know what to do

I’m fucking up my life

Started with my dui

All I do is make mistakes and I can’t ever back them up

I’m a sloppy alcoholic

I can’t drink in moderation

All I do is loose control and say n’ do these stupid things

It’s a seven day week vacation

In Californiacation

That’s why I’m wasting my time writing down this fucking song

I keep burning bridges down

I keep burning bridges down

I’m ashamed of what I’ve done

Melancholy bought my gun

Every time I’m doing good I always seem to fuck it up

Why can’t I gain control

Get back up on my feet

I used to stand so tall but now I’m buried in the ground

Everybody laughs at me

What’s this kid really trying to be

I say I’m this and that but in reality I’m not

I’m fighting with my friend

About these stupid trends

I’m almost kicked out cause I’m struggling with my fucking rent