Deja Vu

I've been laying here thinking that my life is complete

Got the world on my shoulders; got this life of my dreams

Then all of a sudden everything came crashing down on me hard

My night in jail and I'm loosing everything that I got

And now I'm homeless, shameful that my life has taken this turn

My path was already crooked now it's nearing the edge

And now I'm looking at life through these empty bottles again

I'm feeling deja vu...

I always feel deja vu


These past two months have been so hard it's taken all that I have

To stand up on my feet and pretend that I'll be alright

I'm busting my ass to make some cash and feel sober again

I've been strung out for a while so now I'm getting my sleep

Just when I thought things started getting back to normal again

I'm feeling deja vu...

Is it something I do?

To feel deja vu


I feel high; I'm feeling doubt and I say i'm working it out

But secretly there's this voice that's making me want to shout

I've paid my dues and I've sang the blues 'cause it's so easy to lose

Oh, i'm not worried about these different paths I can choose

I'll shut up now. It's over now. There's nothing I can do now.

I'm feeling deja vu...

I always feel deja vu