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Dirty Minds

Hold up; Take your time

But girl you’re looking so damn fine

Stuck now trying to find

Some decency inside my mind

But now I’ve got you all alone

Undressing you inside my home

Our body’s moving slow

To the beat and rhythm playing low

You’re everything I crave

Inside my body, mind and soul

So I got you restless in my room

As I got you tangled in my sheets

I got you

You’re all I want to feel

You make me feel so high

As if I’ve learned to fly

You are the rarest kind

We talk with dirty minds

Well hot, damn. You’re a sight to see

I’ve met my match; Are you kidding me

I’m weak under the sheets

Wondering who’s the bigger freak

I love to hold you down and make you shout

Que rico papi, don’t stop, you’ve hit the spot

Making this room so hot

Satisfied, in love and passing out

I have this way with you

That makes me feel so proud and blessed

To feed your body, mind and soul

And show you what it’s like to fall in love

Just give yourself to me