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Drunk & Alone

I love laying here transcribing my own pain

Oh, pity me

I’m not crying out for help

Don’t come around and ask me what’s wrong

Life is full of ups and downs

I just don’t sing while I’m sailing high

Promise I’m not sick

Just love the sound of darkness as I’m coming down

And I’m sorry if this rhythm brings you down and makes you feel

Some pain inside

I’m not here to raise your spirit; I can barely lift my own

Forever drunk and alone

And I know I’m a fool; I never chase my dreams

The best that I can be

Call me lazy; Call me what you want

But I’m too tired and weak to succeed

Oh, I’ll never claim to be the best

No, I’m too tame and simple for that

I’ll just leave my words and melodies right here

And be gone with the wind