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I feel wrong inside my head

So take me farther from my pain

Oh my; Oh my. I don't know why

I'm so damn tired inside my mind

I'm sick and tired of wasting time

So get me out of this old life


I feel crazy 'cause I'm feeling so damn scared

But I'm so ready to deny my righteous path

Pour me out another shot; My body's stiff

Light me up a cigarette; My voice is cold

My life's been crazy but it's starting to feel numb

'Cause I'm not one to settle down in the American way

When I die I want the squares to smile and cheer

No more music to make these kids go dumb

So dumb


Take me apart it's not that hard

I'm just a simple, torn up man

No secret will be left untouched

'Cause I'm not fake nor will I lie

So fuck your money and fuck the life

This world needs more genuine acts