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Help Me

I’ve been a lying fool

I’ve been around the block or two

I’ve breathed the freshest air

I’ve lived inside a cloud of smog

I’ve been a sinner

I’ve been a martyr of the things I love

Am I to be a hero

Or doomed to be my mother’s son

Life’s got a funny way

Of lifting up

Then crashing down

Things go smoothly for a while

Before all hell breaks loose

I feel like I don’t remember

What has died inside

Or what has grown

Help me to find

Help me to find

I’ve been a happy fool

I’ve been a sad, torn up recluse

I’ve been given all the best

Then taken for a fucking thief

And time won’t ever give me

Back the things I’m longing for

So I’ll just wait right here

And count the lies till judgement day

And there won’t ever be

A better way to shout my shame

I’m gonna strum these chords

Till I grow old

And prove my name

I’m writing my worth

No need to mark my grave

I never said I was saved

Help me to find

Help me to find