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Open up your eyes

And tell me what it is you see

And show me why it’s worth

Your insecurities

Cause all I see is you

Trapped inside your made up world

When the lights went black

And darkness turned to light

And everyday it’s sadness

Pouring out your heavy mouth

Speaking out perspectives

Of a foreign mind

You tell me happiness

Should be its very own antonym

Cause your so happy within

Your melancholiness

But your so cold

And so afraid

Why must you be this way

But don’t you ever want love

Don’t you ever want to be the one

Well, fuck you and your selfish ways

Don’t you ever come running back to me

When you finally wake up

Inside the heart of emptiness

And find there’s no escape

And happiness is dead

And all there’s left to do

Is piece together back your life

Cause your a mess of all

Your insecurities

You’ve really gone insane

The same old story once again

We thought you had a grip

The bandage shows the pain

Now on to the next

Did him dirty just the same

Left him drowning in tears

As you walked with ease

Will you ever find

Where your anxious heart belongs

You walk around in darkness

Cause your dead inside

Wake up from this nightmare

Sorrowing is not a cure

Nor is it the way

To heal these wounds you’ve made