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Jack & Cocaine

If I took the time to sit and worry and grieve

About these mistakes that I've made

I wouldn't be sitting here happy and free

I'd be clueless

And I'd be strung out on Jack & cocaine

My heart pounding; My mouth numb

Just like the years I spent by the beach of Venice


I didn't care about my body and soul

And I swore I never wanted to grow

I was dying; Slowly dying

I would roam these empty streets and boulevards

All strung out and feeling tired

I was dying; Slowly dying


Looking back I don't regret these things I've done

They've only made me stronger

And made me pick up this damn guitar

And start singing

And out of my darkness came this desire

To write my words down on paper

But I still couldn't shake off my burning desire

To get high


Man, it's hard to believe

Man, it's hard to believe


I was too lost to figure it out

And time and time I'd lose it and shout

But I'm working, yeah, I'm working on it