Liquid Gold

Here I am in darkness with my liquid gold

Trying to find a story that I've never told

Will I sing of sadness or unspoken joy?

Who am I kidding; That's the only joy I know

So give me happiness; I'll pawn it off for gold

Give me melancholy; Then I'll shape my soul

I wasn't always damaged; Wasn't always bored

I wasn't always drinking through my darkest storms


So now my words are slurred drinking my liquid gold

Trying to leave a legacy before I'm old

But darkened chords and a pitchy voice are all I have

'Cause I'm a slave; I'm a Lemming to our Uncle Sam

He leaves me broke and broken; Oh I'm breaking down

That's why I need the bottle to produce my sound

So please excuse my language. Please ignore my lies

'Cause it's all made up from mindless self-indulgent nights


So now I'm stumbling down; Drank all my liquid gold

Another clumsy chord while my late night unfolds

I've fallen victim to my insecurities

I started off so tired, now my mind won't sleep

And heavy eyes will see my scribbled, riddled page

The only good that comes from all my drunken rage

As I awake and wait to feel the pain unfold

It's back to work, 'till next time

Precious liquid gold...