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Rest In Peace

I look around me today

Somebody got shot yesterday

I’ve seen the worst in front of me

I lived through what could possibly be

A life shadowing ordeal

To all it seems like such a big deal

But I lived through it and I miss you dad

I know it’s you that didn’t make me sad

But made me who I am today

Made me strong and figure a way

To make you proud and take good care

Of whoever is in great despair

Oh, I thank you from my broken heart

That you gave me a life that’s not too hard

Just go to school and do what I love

Life isn’t easy till I am above

And meet you in heaven

But it’s killing me

But it’s killing me

Dad, I know it’s you that gave me this talent

To write songs for who really want it

The people who are never the subject

Of people’s true magic

I wish I could have grown this old

Jammin’ with you but your guitar is so cold

And I know I wouldn’t even write

Cause I know it’s you that gives me this light

To write only beautiful music

Do not go and abuse it

Don’t go for that money and fame

I’m got only pride to blame

But I don’t care about that

I just like my music so flat

But has a meaning none the less

Music to keep your eyes at rest

Oh, dad rest in peace

But it’s killing me

But it’s killing me

You never got to see me grow up the way

This kid you raised by the bay

But taken so far away

From our home in Tecate

Oh, Tecate

Oh, Tecate