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This Situation

I spent my years inside my head wishing for the best

Well, what a fool I was

No one told me there would be an endless war to fight

And I’d lose my mind

This world seems to show it’s ugly head around

When you think you’ve won

I’ve got no place to run; Just this place to go and hide

But soon will be no more

This situation is on my mind

Telling me to go and find

A piece of love I thought was so dead

Yeah, so dead and gone

This situation is killing me

Has become my biggest enemy

I have no choice but to fight

And I’ll fight ‘till I’m dead and gone

I thought I’d grown apart from feeling the pain I felt

When I was a child

Once again I’ve got no choice but to face it alone

Oh, who am I to win

These battles rage and carry a hefty weight of doubt

Oh, will I live to find

A piece in life reserved for those who hear my words

And laugh and laugh

I’ve got this way of feeling down

That picks me up and turns me around

The lowest lows are what keep me focused on my goal

Keeping these demons locked inside