Trapped In A Jar

I can see it in your eyes; You think your dreams have turned to stone

Oh, you're longing for a different place to call your home

You feel alone and cold; This repetition is old

Every night I pray to God that there is still chapters to unfold


So do yourself a favor dear

And save your strength for when the path is clear

Lets do ourselves a favor dear

And trust in life and be the ones to revere

We'll be the patient ones

That show this lonely world what's real


But don't take me for a fool; I know the devil rules this world

But to deny that cowards plan, we need to have our wings unfurled

And we'll fly far away from this place that tastes so stale

And we'll stand staring in awe at all the life yet to inhale


But time won't wait

Yeah, time won't wait

Oh, time won't wait

Time won't wait


Lets do ourselves a favor dear

And chase those dreams that make us who we are

'Cause it's so painfully lonely trapped inside of this jar