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I just wanna show you how

I love the way you look at me and smile

I feel the way you do

Scared to take a leap into the dark

But my mind is all made up

And I know yours is too

Lets take a plunge into the dark

Don’t you run away

I’m here to stay

I hope I pick the words that best convey

Cause my words keep pouring out my mouth

Just like a waterfall

We’ll slowly sink into this state of mind

Where it’s you and I

We’ll have each other through the thick and thin

No more doubt

I’ll treat you right

I’m just a simple man

That likes you for the simple way you are

Oh, there’s nothing left to hide

Nothing but a birthday surprise

And no amount of fame will break us apart

And bring the reigns of shame

Cause I want you by my side

I never thought I’d find

A girl so refined

You make me laugh out loud

You make me so damn proud

Your style is beautiful

I wouldn’t change you for the world